Google Page Rank Update | SEO and SEM

Well it finally happened, the Google Page rank update. Google updated all of my page ranks on all of the sites I manage the search engine optimization for. I am happy to say that none of my page ranks haven fallen and several have gained one or two places.Google’s last page rank update was in April and many webmasters have been waiting since the last update to reap the rewards of all the hard work they have put in optimizing pages, building quality back links, adding continuous fresh content, and holding their breaths.I haven’t seen any keyword placement movement since the new Google update but it may take up to two full weeks to see how significant the Google page rank still is to search engines like Yahoo and MSN.

I believe Google page rank is still relevant and will impact millions of websites around the world. The Google page rank is a calculation of various areas of your sites worth and as Google adjust its algorithm to come up with the best possible score for your websites value in the market your are trying to place in again.Many of you are now seeing page ranks on new sites that have had a score of zero for several months. Others of you have see your great page rank go down, which may hurt your overall placement only time will tell.I have seen the results of page ranks dropping on Text Link sites due to selling of these links but haven’t seen the punishment Google is said to be giving out to people who purchase these links for their sites. I am sure Google is weighing the cheating factor and grading the sites accordingly.Now that a new Google page rank has been made, don’t stop optimizing your site planning to wait until the last minute to spam the system. Continue working hard as even more and more competitors are coming online as we speak. Do what’s best for your customer and the search engines usually follow right along.

Good content, placing your links in the right places, and streamlining your met tags will always payoff in the end. Remember in search engine optimization, you have to be patient, be diligent, and know that your are targeting the right keywords and audience for your business.Until the next big Google update, take care of your business and your business will take care of you.